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Life Circles by Carrie Attune Music

Description: Description: A dash of rock, a sprinkle of blues, seasoned generously with multicultural spice -“Life Circles” is a treasure trove of original songs that joyfully celebrates the common chord of the human family. Carrie Higgins’ beautifully expressive and versatile voice combined with superb and varied instrumentation delivers songs that are lyrically well-crafted, layered with meaning and richly flavored with cultural influences. The melodic Celtic inspired first track, her original “Circle of Life”, celebrates the circles of: giving and receiving; the seasons; human interconnectedness and with nature. Slide guitar captures the southern blues in “Sweet Potato Pie” celebrating the joys of family bonding through seasonal rituals. Cajun zest abounds in “Momma’s Robe” in which a child wraps herself in the fragrance of her mother’s love, and listeners will be tickled by the whimsical violin in the Gypsy Jazz infused rendition of “Itsy Bitsy Spider” - a message about size not limiting accomplishment. Strong African drums back the soul stirring “My Voice” singing about the power of the individual and collective voice. Other cultural influences include Mexican, Cuban and Caribbean. The artfully done jacket includes all song lyrics. This musical kaleidoscope of songs takes the listener on a spirited musical journey!

What makes it Hot Diggity great: This CD is packed with lots of fun kids' songs and has a wonderful folksy bluesy vibe! The melodies will appeal to parents while the lyrics will engage and entertain the little ones.

Life Circles by Carrie Attune Music


Ages Preschool/Kindergarten and up



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