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Clickit Terrain Car Safety Harness

Description: Your pets depend on you to help them travel safer: Cars were designed with humans in mind so pet passengers require some extra help when climbing in for a ride. Rest assured when buckling up your furry pals using Sleepypod’s Clickit Terrain car safety harness because it was rigorously tested to include the same dynamic crash tests used to test child safety restraints. It even received a 5 out of a possible 5 star safety rating from the Center for Pet Safety.

Clickit Terrain is light and easy to use without sacrificing safety. Shock absorbing sleeves work with a broad padded vest and patented Infinity Loop design for more safety in the car. The same patented shock absorbing sleeves make Clickit Terrain comfortable for use as an everyday walking harness and also provide better control for the handler. Reflective patches on the harness shoulders can be interchanged with service patches for working dogs. Clickit Terrain can be used with an optional Terrain Pack.Working dogs and active dogs will benefit from the Clickit Terrain design. It combines award-winning travel safety technology with enhanced safety, comfort, and control features for sustained daily use.

What makes it Hot Diggity great: Finally a safety harness that feels strong enough to withstand substantial impact. The company's crash test studies give me peace of mind that the harness will indeed keep my dog safe in the event of a car accident. Easy to put on and buckle when my dog is in the sit position. Keeps her secure on drives, short and long.

Clickit Terrain Car Safety Harness by Sleepypod


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