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Description: Chippies are a pack of playful, interactive, R/C puppies that love to show off their many tricks. Pet their heads for different reactions including sniffs, barks, puppy kisses, and even a sneeze! Use the remote control to make your Chippies dance, sing, chase its tail, or tell it which way to roll. Chippies can explore your room on their own, or guard it from intruders using their sensors; they’ll even sing together as a pack! Smaller in size than the original CHiP™ robot dog, Chippies feature bright LED eyes, posable hind legs, along with playful sounds and animations.

What makes it Hot Diggity great: WowWee's CHiP had puppies and they're soooo cute! Chippies are the perfect first remote control toy for the younger set. Just install four AAA batteries and Chippie is off and running. The remote control is simple and easy to use and it's so much fun to see Chippie dance and prance. Works well on both floor and carpet!

Chippies™ by WowWee


For ages elementary and up.


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