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Wonder Crew

Description: Wonder Crew is designed to empower boys to connect, nurture and build empathy through friendship, imagination and adventure; in essence to inspire boys to Go Anywhere, Be Anything. Wonder Crew offers kids a play experience that encourages developing emotional intelligence, and teaching compassion and empathy.Combining the adventure of an action figure with the emotional connection of a stuffed animal, the 15" Wonder Crew Buddies include Will (Caucasian), Marco (Hispanic), James (African American) and Erik (Asian). Each comes dressed in superhero gear, complete with matching mask and cape for kids. Three separate packs extend the Wonder Crew adventures: Builder includes a construction outfit and hard hat for the buddy, and a matching vest for the child; Explorer features a safari-looking outfit and hat for the buddy, and a matching hat for the child; and Snuggler is a set of pajamas for the buddy, and a blanket for the child.

What makes it Hot Diggity great: This is such an innovative concept and a wonderful alternative to action figures. Boys will learn to nurture and act with compassion. The diversity of the line is much appreciated!!

Wonder Crew by PlayMonster


For ages Preschool and up


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