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Wee Kitty Clumping Corn Litter

Description: Wee Kitty Clumping Corn Cat Litter is independently laboratory tested:

  • Made from Natural Corn

  • Proven Absorbency – Absorbs four times its weight in liquid! That’s six times more than paper litter and 1½ times competitor brands of corn litter.

  • Clumping Action – Forms firm scoopable clumps after use so you only remove the soiled litter, not the whole tray. Tests showed Wee Kitty retained 99% of clump mass over 16 hours, unlike wood litter which lost 88% of clump mass.

  • Odor Control – Proven to absorb all ammonia odor within five minutes, unlike crystal litter which took 45 minutes to absorb odor.

  • Flushable – Safe to flush for convenient disposal.

  • Mulchable & Biodegradable – Easy garden disposal.

  • Low Dusting – Tests showed that only 0.4% of Wee Kitty passed through a dust sieve, so it’s safe for use around children and pets.

What makes it Hot Diggity great: They did a great job on the packaging. I must admit, I've never seen a product like this and I might have passed it by in the store if the packaging didn't jump out at me. The messaging on the bag tells you everything you need to know about the product. I put the Wee Kitty Clumping Corn Litter next to my regular litter. My cat did not hesitate to try out the Wee Kitty product. I liked the super absorbency, clumping action and LOVED that my cat did not track any of the litter out of the box! Great price point too!

Wee Kitty Clumping Corn Litter by Rufus & Coco



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