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Kaloo Perle Kaloodoo Rabbit and Blanket in Cream

Description: Kaloo Perle Kaloodoo Rabbit and Blanket _ Cream is a plush and velvety smooth animal friend that can be a trusty companion to your little ones. He has a 15in. (40cm.) square blanket attached, which rolls up and fits inside the rabbit, to keep it clean when not in use. There are also 2 ribbons attached, one to write baby_s name and the other to attach their favorite pacifier or teether. Designed in France, a doudou is a blanket or stuffed toy that makes a child feel safe and secure, and a Kaloodoo is a combination of both. As adorable as it is soft and easy to grip, tiny hands can carry their newfound friend wherever they travel. Imaginary adventures await! Includes a cream colored square doudou with a cream bunny. Recommended for children of all ages.

What makes it Hot Diggity Great: This isn't an ordinary security blanket ... it's exquisite! Super soft and beautifully crafted, this blanket companion makes a stunning gift that's both beautiful and practical.

Kaloo Perle Kaloodoo Rabbit and Blanket in Cream by Alex Brands


Age: Birth to Toddlers

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