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Janod Acrobat Skill Game

Description: Janod Acrobat Skill Game is a fun balancing game for 2 to 8 players. Each player starts with a 4in. diameter cardboard disc that contains random color dots and 3 adorable 1.3in. wooden acrobat playing pieces. Each player rolls the 3 dice to determine which 3 color dots to place the pieces on, before stacking another disc on top. Play continues until one player_s tower topples. That player loses and whoever has the highest tower, wins!

What makes it Hot Diggity Great: So simple, yet so fun! My family loves the competition and will play several rounds in one sitting. It's an easy game for the younger set to follow and also appeals to the older child who's more savvy with strategy!

Janod Acrobat Skill Game by Alex Brands


Age: Preschool and Up

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