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Description: The GObib™ is the first Baby Bib in a Bag! This large, soak proof bib flips inside out into a convenient carry-pack that clips right to your stroller or diaper bag so it’s always handy for the family on the Go! All the mess is contained inside until you are home and can machine-wash it!

  • Clips or hangs on stroller, diaper bag or lunchbox.

  • Adjustable snap closure ensures the perfect fit.

  • Soak proof.

  • Easy to wipe clean.

  • Pocket to catch messes.

  • Folds into its self for easy portability.

  • Machine Washable.

What makes it Hot Diggity Great: These cute bibs have wonderful modern patterns and they are SUPER functional! The attached bag helps keep dirty bibs away from other things in the diaper bag and folds up nicely into a teeny package. The clip also comes in handy for easy access.

GoBib by Bazzle Baby


Birth to toddlers


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