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Bone Appetit 26 lb. Pet Food Bin

Description: Bone Appetit 26 lb. Pet Food Bin offers a whimsical way to love your pet's space...while keeping food fresh, odors sealed, and essentials in place for easy access. Gasket-sealed lid keeps up to 26 pounds of food fresh, and rolling casters allow for easy movement. A flat-backed design sits flush against the wall; a 1 cup measuring scoop locks into bin lid! This design is part of our Macbeth Collection, a parnership with NYC designer Margaret Josephs, with whom we teamed to offer fun, functional products with personality that complement any home!

What makes it Hot Diggity great: I love this pet food container because it keeps the smell of the kibble contained and the food fresh. It's so stylish and decorative; I don't feel like I have to hide my dog's food bin! Great price for a useful, whimsical storage container. Love this!

Bone Appetit 26 lb. Pet Food Bin by Advantus Corp.


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