People Blocks Zoo Animals

Product Info:

The People Blocks Zoo Animals set comes with 17 animal inspired shapes and zoo themed play mats. This set lets you be the zoo keeper for the day and create all of your favorite animals. Great as your first set or as an addition, People Blocks are the right choice for STEM and block play. Play through the many stages of block play with the easy to use magnetic blocks.

18 Months – Perfectly crafted to fit in a child’s hand and allows them to stack easily with the power of magnets

2 years – Children will develop beyond stacking to matching and pattern building exploring different angles, unique combinations, and asymmetrical designs.

3+ years – Children will begin to make everything they can think of! The possibilities are as unlimited as their young imaginations. Your child’s creativity will be seen in their own unique designs.

What makes it Hot Diggity Great:

Children will have a fun time playing with these brightly colored blocks while learning about the cause and effect of magnets! The blocks connect securely making any animal creation topple-proof. Ideas for building are endless with the various shapes included in the set.

People Blocks Zoo Animals 17 pc Set by People Toy Company



Ages Preschool and up

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