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Q Wunder App

Product Info:

The Q Wunder app is the world’s most comprehensive parent- and kid-friendly emotional intelligence curriculum. As you unlock Q’s World, your child will learn game-changing life skills through customized content featuring: • Our Q Wunder interactive kids’ show • Original pop songs • Music Videos • Fun educational games • Bonus features featuring celebrity guests Parents receive exclusive podcasts featuring celebrity guests and parenthood’s most acclaimed doers and thinkers, awesome parenting resources focused on development of emotional intelligence, as well as a report card to track the progress of their children.

What makes it Hot Diggity great:

The Q Wunder app provides a ton of enthusiasm around the important subject of emotional IQ known as "EQ." The app even features guest appearances from celebrities! We know that celebrities have a large influence on kids growing up today--children imitate the actions of others and role model after them. Q Wunder provides a great platform for kids to look up to their celebrities while learning about EQ.

Q Wunder App by EQtainment

Free to download- Premium content: $7.99/month or $64.99/year

Ages Preschool and Up

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