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Whiffer Sniffers - Super Sniffers - Series 4, Part I - Beyond the diminutive backpack clips are super-sized Whiffer Sniffers at a huggable 11” tall. These plush pals look good in the bedroom and will make a pillow smell great! The Super Sniffers ($17.99) Series 4, Part I personalities — Sour Saul, Maci Macaron, Izzy Sodalicious and Howie Rolls. Look for four more cuddly plush in early April as Series 4, Part II enter the market featuring Sonny Shine, May B. Minty and friends.

What makes it Hot Diggity great:

Opening the Super Sniffers was an exciting discovery! These plush friends are huggable, lovable and even "smellable"--appealing to the scratch-n-sniff craze of the 1980s that many parents will enjoy. Each Super Sniffer has a personality of its own and a scent to match--May B. Minty (mint chocolate chip ice cream) or Phil O'Jelly (strawberry filled donut)--making these characters fun to collect.

Whiffer Sniffers www.whiffersniffers.com


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