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Cool It

Pressure-Activated Cool Pet Pads

Product description: These cooling pads are activated by pressure and don't require batteries or electricity. When a pet lies on the pad, the cooling starts and lasts for up to four hours. The pad recharges after a short period of non-use. The pads are light weight, durable and have reinforced edges to withstand dogs' paws.

Why we like it: These really work and they work well! Keeps dogs comfortable in the hot months providing them with a cool surface to lie one.


Small ($24.99): 11.8" x 15.7" For dogs under 20 pounds

Medium ($39.99): 15.7" x 19.7" For dogs 20 to 50 pounds

Medium Large ($49.99): 20" x 30" For dogs 35-65 lbs

Large ($59.99): 35" x 23.6" For dogs 65-99 pounds

ExLarge ($84.99): 45" x 27.5" For dogs 100 pounds or over

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