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Eat Your Greens

SmartCat Kitty's Garden

Product description: Pet Parent Rule Number 1: No leaving the dinner bowl until you've finished your greens. The SmartCat Kitty's Garden ensures your faithful feline gets plenty of the greens he needs to improve digestion, limit hairballs, and get his fill of essential vitamins and nutrients. The decorative wood box is filled with oats, rye, wheat, and barley that takes less than a week to grow.

Key Benefits:

Grows in 4-6 days

All-natural oats, wheat, rye, and barley

Improves digestion

Reduces hairballs

Peat moss included in second tray

Why we like it: Nice to have something to offer my cats to help with digestion and overall health. It's also an exciting project to do with kids. We loved seeing our garden grow and watching our cats enjoy the harvest!

Price: $5.69

Available at

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