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Description: Word Rush is the new game of quick thinking words and categories. The categories and the starting letters for answers change in every round, so a renewed excitement continues on every turn. To play Word Rush, flip over a new category card and begin. Each player or team takes a turn to come up with a word that fits the category and starts with one of the letters visible on the board. Players have a limited time to come up with a word. When they do, then the next player does the same and turns the timer again. Use a lot of time or a little because the next player will have a little time or a lot. If you can't come up with a word you lose the round, and three lost rounds cost you the game. Coming up with words while the sand timer flows makes the game a thrilling race of wits Word Rush has an ever-changing game board, consisting of the letter cards, and changing time limits imposed by the sand timer.


What makes it Hot Diggity great: The objective of this game seems pretty simple, but EVERYTHING changes when you're racing against time. This fast-paced game has you thinking on your feet as you wrack your brain for the answers. Super fun and so hilarious when the answer is on the tip of your tongue!

Word Rush by Tactic Games

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