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Introducing Series 4, all for ages 3+ and are 6.99 each. Available at a kid-friendly price tag, the Whiffer Sniffers clips quickly become collectibles as each Series is rolled out and styles are retired. In 2017, 11 styles will be introduced in two phases, with 6 new styles available in mid-February including Sour Saul, a sour apple, Howie Rolls, Maci Macaron, Jay Bean, Izzy Sodalicious, a fizzy grape soda and found in a gold bag only - Minty Macaron. Then in early April, Series 4, Part 2 collectibles hit store shelves or can be found online at Parents can be assured that Whiffer Sniffers are safe and conform to all applicable CPSC (Consumer Protection Safety Commission) safety standards.


What Makes it Hot Diggity Great:

Cute little characters to decorate backpacks and best of all? Make dirty backpacks smelling nice again! Sweet scents complement with each character and they're fun to collect and trade.


Elementary and up


Whiffer Sniffers - Series 4 Backpack Clips by Whiffer Sniffers

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