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Use the enclosed supplies to weave the two adjustable* dog collars, then use your skills to make the attachable flower and necktie accessories to decorate the collars for special occasions or everyday Swagger.


At Renegade Made we are all about anonymous kindness and fun, so we have supplied you with two gift bags and a bandit mask to wear so that you may give each of your Wag Swag collars, accessories, and optional homemade doggie biscuits (recipe and cookie cutter enclosed) as gifts. When you’re finished with the craft, put on your mask, put your Swag in the bag to deliver to your favorite dog, neighbor, or shelter. While we encourage anonymous acts of kindness, you may need to remove your mask for a moment to accept some of the gratitude licks you are likely to receive.


This may inspire such happiness in the neighborhood dogs that they refuse to ever pee on your front lawn again (the sidewalk is still open to negotiation).


*This kit makes two adjustable collars for small to large dogs.


What makes it Hot Diggity great:


Before I even opened this, I LOVED it!


The Renegade Pledge on the inside of the box is awesome. I appreciate the message behind it, the mission for kids to be proud of themselves and not look to others for praise and kids are learning new words even with the name of the company—Renegade!


I appreciate that this product helps kids learn lessons—one big lesson is about giving. Giving to dogs in need.

Wag Swag by Renegade Made by Part Time Renegade

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