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Description: Congratulations! You've been chosen to work at the World's Best Candy Company. Get ready to battle it out and climb the ranks to become the Confectioner in Chief. Do you have what it takes? Use your candy-sorting skills (and a lot of luck) to outsmart the other players and win the game.


Object of the game: Win each round by turning 10 candy cards (in numerical order) FACE UP before all other players. After each round, a player receives a promotion (Peppermint President, Gumdrop Director, Sweet Supervisor, and Confectioner in Chief). Beware! The crazy cards will dash your dreams and stop you from winning.


What makes it Hot Diggity great: This is a fun family card game that helps little ones with number sequencing and basic strategy. The cards are beautifully illustrated and the candy-theme will garner the attention of players of all ages. There are just the right amount number of "set back" cards to heighten suspense and excitement. 


Ages 4+

Treats or Trash

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