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DESCRIPTION: Welcome to the magical world of Toki Dough, inspired by Kawaii design! With the Toki Dough Bento Boxes, available in Garden Party and Sweet Treat themes, you have everything you need to create delightfully cute Toki Dough characters. Each box includes eight vibrant 2oz dough colors, 3 double-sided tools, and 2 Face Makers to bring your characters to life. Use the colorful themed background for staging stop-motion animation with your creations. Toki Dough compound is non-toxic. The dough colors easily mix together to create even more color choices. The Toki Dough Bento Boxes opens the world of Kawaii design for creators of all ages. Just use your imagination...the Toki Dough fun is never-ending!


What makes it Hot Diggity great: Kids love everything miniature and "kawaii" (cute). This kit comes with bright colors and all the tools needed to create cuteness. The dough is easy to form and isn't messy at all!


Elementary and up

Toki Dough Bento Box by Relevant Play

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