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Get ready to WIPE out the competition with the NEW Toilet Paper Blasters™ Skid Shot™! It’s the only toilet paper shooting blaster in the market! The Skid Shot™ is easy to use and easy to clean up. Fires TP spitballs up to 30 feet with no batteries required. Let’s Roll! • The Skid Shot™ converts real toilet paper into clean spitballs. No “spit” required!Uses real toilet paper.Blasts up to 30 feet! Easy to use: load the toilet paper, add water, lock & load. Fire! Easy clean up!


What Makes it Hot Diggity Great:

I will be running out to the store to get another one of these! Easy to assemble (without having to read the directions) and so much fun once your locked and loaded. TP wads go flying through the air and stick to your selected target. A nice (and cleaner) alternative to paintball guns. So much fun for indoor and outdoor play!


Elementary and up

Toilet Paper Blasters™ Skid Shot™ by JAKKS Pacific

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