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The Sunday Comics have been a staple of every generation's Sunday morning. We've decided to put a new twist on that memory. By fusing serialized comic books, mixing in comic strips, and blending illustrations, we are revitalizing what newspaper comics are and can be! Whether it was sharing the paper at breakfast with family, meeting up with friends to enjoy your favorite stories, or looking forward to your weekly dose of comics, everyone has a special place in their heart for this entire print medium.


What makes it Hot Diggity Great:

Now that newspapers are scarce in many households it's refreshing to see that the Sunday funnies can still be available to young readers! Comic fans will love the variety and kids will be fascinated with the "old school" way of reading comic strips.


Kids and their parents can sit down together and read the "funnies," just like in the olden days! The art of comics is definitely not lost on Golden Bell Studio's Sunday Comics! Great stories and illustrations and the newspaper format brings back fond memories for the "more seasoned" Sunday comic reader.

The Sunday Comics by Golden Bell Studios Polar Press

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