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Description: With multiple marble runs, varying levels, a hand crank, and more, the Techno Gears Marble Mania – Crankster 3.0 will fascinate all engineering enthusiasts! There are more than 100 pieces, including translucent and chrome connectors, a corkscrew lifter, and a hand crank to create your own marble and gear run. Twist, turn, loop, and experience new heights with the Crankster 3.0! This product aligns with and supports STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) standards. Recommended for ages 6+ years.


What makes it Hot Diggity great: Nothing is more satisfying than completing a fun and challenging build, and then watching the marble travel through various ramps, curves, and twists! Instructions are broken down into easy steps and a breeze to follow with corresponding pictures. 


Ages 6 to 12

Techno Gears Marble Mania Crankster 3.0

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