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Description: Keep imagination alive with the award-winning creativity of the Tatro® Playset! Comics come alive with these crime fighting, cape-wearing superhero masterminds. Set up a spot in the playroom for the Tatro® Playset and take off to magical adventures! The Tatro® Playset is magnetic and made of a soft-touch foam.



– 1 Tatro® Playset

– 1 Tatro® Open Backdrop

– A Ranger Xander and Wonder Hart character

– 2 Movers (to guide your characters around the playset)

– Comic Superhero Scene Pieces

– Superhero City Backdrop

– Recloseable bag to store magnets


Hand-Built: We take pride in producing quality hand-built magnetic toys. This makes each product unique and special, just for you.


Plant-Based Plastic: Tatro® plant-based plastic parts are biodegradable when composted properly.


Soft Foam: The Tatro® Playsets are made of a soft, flexible and light-weight foam.


Single Plastic Parts: Tatro® magnets are 3D printed inside each piece. This process makes sure the magnets are fully enclosed.


3D Printed Parts: All Tatro® plastic parts are made with the latest 3D printing technology.


Magnetic Magic™ Material: The Tatro® playsets are covered with Magnetic Magic™. We use a material which allows magnetic scene pieces to fit on the playset any way you choose.


Strong and Flexible Magnets: Our magnets are strong, which means your scene pieces will last for years to come. Each scene piece has a smooth and clear protective layer to make sure the illustrations last too.


What makes it Hot Diggity great: All the fun is center stage with these magnetic playsets by Tatro. Kids construct the background scenes so it's a different play experience each time. Kids can also tinker and experiment with stop animation using this playset. So many possibilities of play!


Ages 3+

Tatro Playset

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