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Baylin aims to create an honest album for kids and parents, reflecting the "beautiful divide" of a parent juggling family life with creative life. “I’m still not sure I’ve found the right balance” says Baylin, “but Roger Miller, Carole King and Harry Nilsson gave me the courage and motivation to make another album. I also wanted it to feel magical and remind people of the child inside of all of us that is filled with a sense of wonder and pure joy and hope." The album was produced by Richard Swift and is available exclusively with Amazon Music. A short film featuring animated music videos is also available on Amazon Prime Video.


$11.98 CD, $9.49 digital

All ages


What makes it Hot Diggity Great: 

This isn't children's music ... this is music you'll want to listen to with your children! Incredible retro-vibe, great lyrics and melodies. This will be in heavy rotation in my car, on my iPhone, in the house ... EVERYWHERE! I absolutely love this. So relaxing, enjoyable and authentic. 


Strawberry Wind by Jessie Baylin

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