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Description: Storypod helps screen-conscious parents raise intelligent and healthy kids through the power of audio play. Storypod is a smart audio play system for storytelling, learning, and literacy. How does it work? Kids can independently engage with Storypod - They simply tap any Craftie, Audiobook or Trivia Card on top of the device and activate educational and entertaining audio content. Each Story Sticker allows 60 minutes to make recordings from anywhere in the world using the Storypod app. With a tap of the Sticker attached to a book, photo or drawing atop their Storypod, tots will be amazed!


What makes it Hot Diggity Great: A fun, educational, and interactive tech toy WITHOUT a screen! The app and Storypod accessories provide endless hours of entertainment and best of all, content can be customized with the ability to record messages, music, and stories, from loved ones. 


For ages 0-6

Storypod by Craftie Fox, Inc.

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