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Description:  The snap of a twig? A howl in the distance? sqWATCH OUT! When you hear it, you know! Test your memory and your appetite for mystery with this family-friendly card game by TREND enterprises, Inc. that's all about Bigfoot and BIG fun!


Bigfoot is full of BIG fun to entice everyone (even teens!)
Take risks … or play it safe?


  • Find a strategy to play your way
  • Multiple rounds make it anyone’s win
  • The game-long mystery and ending BIG reveal are favorites
  • Bigfoot disappears with every round – find proof fast
  • Small box, BIG fun! Great for bringing games on the go
  • Learning FUN is built in! Compare number values, and build concentration and memory skills
  • 45-minute play time; 2-4 players


What makes it Hot Diggity great: Finally, once and for all, we can uncover the mystery of Big Foot! In this family card game, players hone strategic thinking, memory skills and put their focus to the test. Each game is different each time with variations on play. 


Ages 8 - Adult

sqWATCH OUT! Three Corner Card Game

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