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Jack Forman, a radio host on SiriusXM and leader of the band Recess Monkey, releases his first solo album. His high-energy hijinks are on display with these 12 new original songs. From “Watermelon” to “Yodeling Yoda,” “Candy Tour” to “Sportball Anthem,” the songs reflect Jack’s offbeat humor and eclectic musical tastes. These are not just songs for babies; families with older kids ages five and up will find worlds of fun and memorable melodies here. Indeed, all of these self-produced songs are directly inspired by strange conversations with real kids. You’ll get a sense of Jack’s lyrical genius and unusual sensibilities in songs like “A Little Cheese,” “I Lost My Lunch,” and even the relentlessly bouncy track, “No Name.” Jack played every instrument, wrote and sang every word, and drank a whole lot of coffee in the months it took to turn kids’ ideas into a reality.


What Makes it Hot Diggity Great:

This is a fun, quirky CD that takes every day life occurrences and puts them into catchy, upbeat songs. Favorites include "Little Cheese," "Not a Cloud" and "This is the End."


Elementary and up

$12.99 CD, $8.99 download

Songs from the Monkey House by Jack Forman by Jack Forman Music/ Amazon Music

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