Description: Slider Disc is the first transforming flying disc that fits in your Pocket! Catch, reset and throw it back before it transforms or you are going to lose! The built-in timer converts your flying disc into a timed game experience for endless fun at the beach, park or backyard.


Three play modes:


  • Compact Mode: Pocket size, ready any time and easy to carry.
  • Free Flight Mode: Lock it and use it as a regular flying disc any time.
  • Game Mode: Set the timer and when the time runs out the blades slide back and Game Over!


The flying disc is patented due to its innovative mechanism and it has soft sliding blades for easy and safe grip.


Why it's Hot Diggity Great: A fun twist on Hot Potato! It's a race against time to beat the timer. Hones gross motor skills and encourages positive sportsmanship. 


Ages 5+

Slider Disc by Eolo Toys