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Looking for a game that your 8, 13 and 16-year-olds can play together?! And a game you can even invite the grandparents to play AND everyone will have a great time?! SHABOOM! is the game you are looking for. Face off against your opponents in a series of challenges sure to test your speed and agility. The game includes actions that anyone can do - it all comes down to who can do it first and win the SHABOOM! card. Each player starts with a tray of game components including dice, chips, tokens, and dominoes; one player turns over a game card displaying which components the players need to grab out of their tray and then a challenge to complete using those game components. The fastest player to complete the challenge SLAMS their hand down on the card yelling SHABOOM! The first player to collect 10 SHABOOM! cards wins.


What Makes it Hot Diggity Great:

This game is so much fun! Our family is very competitive so the visual of all of us huddled around the table, rolling dice, stacking cubes, tossing things into the bowl, etc. is hysterical! SHABOOM! is engaging, exciting and gets us all off of our devices.


Elementary and up


SHABOOM! by The Haywire Group

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