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Finally – a litter scoop designed with you AND your cat in mind! The Rufus & Coco Hook-On Litter Scoop's revolutionary design sees an end to dirty litter scoops laying around the floor of your home spreading germs and other nasties! Featuring our signature, patent pending Coco design, the Coco Hook-On Litter Scoop allows you to easily hook the scoop onto your litter tray and is also fitted with a hole that allows you to hang it from a hook for your convenience. With 3 fun colours for you to choose from, the Coco Hook-On Litter Scoop not only looks great, but works well with clumping litter - making clean up a breeze!


What Makes it Hot Diggity Great:

Something so simple, yet SO useful! I've been resting the dirty litter scoop against the garbage can and now it easily clips on to the box itself ... genius! One of those simple fixes that I wish I had thought of! Cute design and sturdy for those hefty clumps!

Rufus & Coco Coco Hook-On Litter Scoop by Rufus & Coco

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