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Description: Bash the Trash builds, performs and educates with musical instruments made from recycled and reused materials, making connections to science and the environment. Rubbish Rhythms is their second album, with fun and inspiring songs played on a variety of strange instruments including the styrolin, water horn, squeaker toy array, weed whacker bass and oil can guitar among many others. Kids can build their own musical instruments using free instructions and videos at and at our YouTube channel, and then play along!


What makes it Hot Diggity great: Who would have thought "Recycle and Re-use" could apply to making music? This fun collection of songs is sure to be enjoyed by the entire family. It's fun to hone in on the music and guess what trash is making that sound! Songs are well-produced and topical. Lyrics are fun and vocals are wonderful.


For all ages

Rubbish Rhythms by Bash the Trash

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