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The Bazillions create a soundtrack through the school year. From the first hand-clappy track “Back to School,” the energy remains high. “New Pair of Shoes” expresses the joys of getting new gym shoes and being able to run faster than ever, and “That’s My Style” celebrates individuality. Learning opportunities arise with “Take Turns” to “Who What Where When Why” and “The Wide Open World of Adjectives.” Some songs are aspirational, like “You Could Be the One” and “Queen Ellen of Spelling Bee.” “More To Be Done” embraces the future and how children have an important voice in making the world a better place. Flights of fancy make a boring day better on “Just Another Monday.” And “Keep Your Identity Safe” is a poignant ballad about a superhero-style pact between friends as one of them moves away. The album ends with the exuberant “Summer’s Here.” Appealing to adults, Rock-n-Roll Yearbook is chock-full of musical references, from The Fab Four to The Who, The Monkees and Elvis Costello to the bossa nova masters. “Our goal became to create a story where the listener can imagine a child, or themselves, going through the school year and all the events that they might experience."


What Makes it Hot Diggity Great:

I love the layout and theme of this CD! Chronicling an entire school year, the songs are well crafted, written and produced. Highlights of the album are "Take Turns," "That's My Style" and we absolutely LOVED "More To Be Done." Clever liner notes and great packaging. A hit with kids and parents will love this too!


Preschool/Kindergarten and up



Rock-n-Roll Yearbook by The Bazillions by The Bazillions

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