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The SpecDrum from MukikiM is the latest new product introduction to the award-winning Rock and Roll It category of electronic keyboard and drums.  


The SpecDrum is the drum set innovation where every budding drummer should begin.  The flexible silicon rubber drum kit includes color-coded drum pads and a color-coordinated instructional booklet that helps guide the beginning drummer through basic rhythms to more complex beats.


The SpecDrum drum kit includes a colored palette of 5 drums and 4 cymbals with hi-hat and bass pedals, drumsticks, and headphones.  The multifunctional control unit manages 7 different drum styles, a variety of demo rhythms to play along with and tempo control to adjust the speed.  The record and playback setting lets you lay down your favorite tracks to listen to again and again.


What makes it Hot Diggity great: 

The Rock and Roll It SpecDrum from MukikiM is so amazing!


The triggers work very rapidly and the material is very durable. It comes with a music booklet which is so great! The best part is that each drum is colored and the music booklet shows you the name of each Tom and cymbal. The music note portion of the book is very easy to learn from! My little sister who is only 6 years old learned to play a measure of the notes perfectly in just a few minutes! The book also teaches you how to hold the drumsticks. 


The sound quality is spot on and the sound out of the headphones is really clear. The kick pedal and hi-hat pedal triggers are great and have a realistic feel to them. The flexible roll-up drum pad gives back a really nice rebound. You can also take the pad with you wherever you want! I’ve been drumming for over and year have never seen anything like this! It’s definitely a 5-star drum pad in my opinion. I truly think that the Spec Drum Flexible Roll-Up Drum Kit deserves a Hot Diggity Award seal-of-approval!


It’s perfect for people who either are experienced drummers or who are just beginning. 

Rock and Roll It: SpecDrum by MukikiM Toys

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