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Description: ROBO ALIVE Junior Brings play to life for a new generation through inventive robotic technology made easy! With a playful and inventive spirit, ROBO ALIVE continues to grow with innovation lines as well as value-driven products to build out the biggest robotic toy line with the most realistic movement available. Super splashing bath playtime comes to life with Robo Alive Juniors' Baby Shark, capitalizing on the viral dance phenomenon with an innovative underwater speaker! Unique robotic technology means Baby Shark bursts to life when dropped in water and swims around just like a real fish! Baby Shark is water activated, 100% waterproof and comes with 4-minute power save mode. Collect all Robo Alive Juniors' bath time friends. Batteries included.


What makes it Hot Diggity great: I may be tired of hearing the Baby Shark song, but my son isn't! This tub toy makes bathtime fun as the song starts when the shark hits the water, and stops as it's lifted out of the tub. Love the swimming action on this little guy.


Ages: 18 months+

Robo Alive Baby Shark by ZURU Toys

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