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Reindeer In Here is a simple concept. It's the first gift of the holiday season from Santa and it arrives in early December to get to know each individual child, and to be their ‘Christmas friend.’ As the storybook reveals, children are encouraged to take their reindeer everywhere. As the bond grows intensely over the month of December the child learns how a “misfit” North Pole reindeer came up with the genius idea to come to their house pre Christmas to discover what makes each child different.


What Makes it Hot Diggity Great:

This product is a winner because: --The reindeer's antlers are different showing inclusion and acceptance towards all --The reindeer isn't mischievous --The reindeer doesn't tattle on kids for being bad--it is on them to do good and be on their best behavior --The child's imagination is engaged versus the parent --This doesn't add to the "secrets" that parents have to partake in for the holidays The other reason why I like this is because studies have shown that kids that have a stuffed animal/blanket/lovey can use it as a transitional object giving them the confidence to be more independent, have less anxiety and more self-awareness.


Preschool/Kindergarten and up

Reindeer In Here

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