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Description: Think Tank Scholar Preschool Flash Cards Learning Bundle helps children learn and boost their understanding of phonetics, counting, colors, shapes, and word recognition.


The bundle includes 5 packs of 180 cards for learning the Alphabet, Colors & Shapes, Numbers & Counting, First Words with Opposites, and Rhyming.Each pack comes with 6 fun games, 6 teaching methods, a reference chart, and a bonus activity card, which includes skip counting, estimation, arithmetic, colors, and shapes recognition.


The Preschool Flash Cards are made to last with high-quality cardstock and rounded edges for easier sorting and handling. They are designed to help kids communicate more effectively, describe the world around them, and develop a foundation for reading, writing, spelling, math, and making learning fun.


What makes it Hot Diggity great: There was so much thought and expertise that went into these flashcards. First off, they are the PERFECT size for little hands. I love their narrow width. Also, the cards are rounded on one side so that you can quickly put them back into the deck, with all cards facing correctly. Each deck comes with detailed instructions and a lesson plan, along with a variety of games for optimum use. Fantastic graphics on each card. 


Ages 2 to 4

Preschool Flash Cards Learning Bundle

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