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Description: This game teaches kids they have real power to fight climate change! Players are housemates trying to reduce utility bills with energy-saving habits. As you move through the game, decide which investments in technologies are better for your wallet and the world. Open the box and spread out a game board, 67 game cards, 4 tokens, 4 diskettes, 3 dice, banknotes, and illustrated rules. Made for 3 to 4 players. Set aside an hour and learn how to save lots of energy and reduce your home electric bills.


What makes it Hot Diggity great: A board game with purpose! Adventerra Games took the fundamentals of a board game and applied it to real life to teach energy conservation skills. Players learn how to make home improvements to save energy and become quickly aware that carelessly using energy can have costly consequences. Cards will encourage players to think about how they can save energy in their homes.


Ages 7+

PowerHaus by Adventerra Games

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