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Description: Portable North Pole wants to make sure everyone has the chance to hear from Santa. With such a diverse global audience, PNP offers a FREE video and premium options for kids and grown-ups alike in natural-sounding English, Spanish, French, and Italian. What makes the Portable North Pole 2019 Do-Good Deeds Toys and Gifts Collection so magical? These enchanting gifts center around Santa and his world and are here to encourage kids to touch and interact with them. Best of all, these toys and gifts are great tools to help promote good behavior and good deeds. All Portable North Pole friends arrive with a code for an exclusive, personalized video from Santa that grown-ups can redeem and personalized online. They’re only available with the purchase of the gifts, and those videos are related to the gifts themselves! In total, over a dozen PNP toys and gifts will be on store shelves and online for this season’s Christmas celebrations. Discover all the Portable North Pole 2019 Do-Good Deeds Toys and Gifts Collection at Walmart, Target, or Barnes & Noble. You can also browse our collection online at


What makes it Hot Diggity great: This is the perfect "Santa's Helper" kit for parents and caregivers. The holidays will be covered from start to finish with this collection of holiday treasures. We've received videos from PNP's Santa for many years and they never fail to delight the entire family!


Ages: Preschool/Kindergarten and up / Elementary and up

Portable North Pole


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