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Imagine the same concept in the home as preschoolers play with a pop up kitchen that disappears when play is done. Say hello to Pop-oh-ver, the clever brand of durable and detailed kitchen play sets that assemble in two minutes over a sturdy household chair!  The Pop-Oh-Ver Counter Top Set is a portable kitchen set inspires endless play. Just fasten the counter top set over a chair, tie the ties and like magic you have a place to fix your food anywhere you want it. The canvas-like material boasts a toaster, scale and drawer detailing and a pop out shelf that actually holds items! The Pop-Oh-Ver Stove Set brings an exciting new twist to pretend kitchen play. Just fasten the fabric over a chair, tie the ties and like magic you have a place to cook and warm up a tasty meal. Pop-oh-ver Stove is made from canvas-like material with realistic oven, stovetop, and microwave detailing.


Why it's Hot Diggity Great:

What a clever set that inspires imaginative play! Set up is such a breeze that even children can help assemble their play space. The fabric is a high-quality canvas that is sure to withstand years of play, and the little details on the stove and kitchen are absolutely adorable. Great to bring on trips as the Pop-Oh-Ver kits fit on most chairs. The plastic inserts reinforce the fabric, but the sets work fine without them. This is such a nice alternative to the bulky plastic kitchen sets that take up so much space in my house!


Ages: 3+

Pop-Oh-Ver Stove and Counter Top Sets by Kangaroo Manufacturing

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