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Learning to differentiate between size and space is critical to early learners and is an important concept for children to learn. The Play & Learn Stacking Cubes are a great tool to help teach spatial awareness. These ten durable cubes vary slightly in size and can be stacked into a cube tower or nested all into one cube. Each cube also features a number, letter, shape, or animal on each side of the five panels.


Ages: 12+ months.


What makes it Hot Diggity great:

Stacking is an important milestone for kids and is an opportunity to scaffold their physical milestones:

  • Fine motor skills of picking up and stacking the cubes
  • Hand-eye coordination to pick up and place the cubes
  • Balance and coordination when stacking the blocks up high
  • Bilateral coordination of using two sides of the body to pick up cubes and stack them


Other Benefits:

  • The cubes allow kids to learn cause and effect with stacking and knocking down. 
  • The cubes allow kids to fill them and dump them
  • The cubes allow an opportunity for object permanence
  • The cubes teach spatial reasoning and beginning math skills (shape, size, etc.)


A stacking toy like this one aids in reaching development milestones. The play value of this product is terrific. It provides great potential to little ones to build skills independently or while playing with others. It also includes lots of opportunities to learn—numbers, colors, shapes, animals, letters, etc.

Play & Learn Stacking Cubes by The Learning Journey International

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