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The sound of silence is not something you want to hear in a house with children. One tech toy company, Piccoli Horses, hopes to conquer this unhealthy phenomenon with huggable toy horses and a free learning app. Choices, choices! Pick your horse from a variety of colors and then select a saddle that’s created just for a special boy or girl. Each horse is handcrafted with high-quality fabric and features a large blue ribbon and beautifully-made custom saddle. Find this classic toy on Amazon, and across the country at specialty stores.


Why it's Hot Diggity great: 

This is one of the cutest horsey plushes I've ever seen! Piccoli horses are super soft, durable and very well made. The process of finding out your new friend's name was really fun and you get to personalize it even further by adding a nickname. The accompanying app is intuitive and easy to play; with bright and beautiful images throughout. 

Piccoli Horses Classic Plush

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