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Phone Phever is a new, fast-paced, family-friendly party game that perfectly blends the wonder of smartphone technology with the simple fun of a traditional board game. It's the perfect gift for board game lovers, adults, teens, tweens and all smartphone addicts! Players/teams match both wits and smartphone skills in a frantic race to answer fascinating trivia questions and complete hilarious challenges, all 1,200 of which cleverly explore how the world's favorite invention -- the telephone -- has shaped music, movies, TV, history and technology, law and politics, and the rest of Western pop culture. The 1,200 questions and challenges include: (1) What children's learning toy did E.T. use to "phone home" in the 1982 sci-fi fantasy E.T.? (2) In April 2013, NASA launched three data-collecting smartphones into space. What were their names? (3) Using only your nose, be the first to cleanly type the word "phone". Feeding the world’s smartphone addiction, and cravings for social interaction, Phone Phever will provide countless hours of laughter, excitement, conversation, and learning. And best of all, to play Phone Phever, only your phone needs to be smart! Phone Phever is compatible with all smartphones (smartphone not included). No app is required. It's Phonetastic Phun!


What Makes it Hot Diggity Great: 

People have their phones out at gatherings anyway ... so why not incorporate it into an old fashioned board game? Rules are simple and basic so play is never delayed. Though smart phones are involved, human interaction is never sacrificed. The trivia questions are challenging, but if you're skilled at googling answers to random questions, you're sure to do well. This game makes it OK to be on your phone at social gatherings because you'll still connect with those around you.

Phone Phever

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