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Create 12 trendy metal pins with air dry enamel paint, glitter, chains and gems! Decorate hats, bags, jackets and more! Includes 12 metal pins, 6 enamel paints, painting tool, chains, glitter, jump rings, gems and instructions. ∆ SMALL PARTS. Not for 3 years.


What Makes it Hot Diggity Great:

This is a fun craft for kids who love to create and share. The enamel pins come in trendy designs that kids will love and the process is easy to do with little adult supervision. This is a great craft for a party activity allowing each artist to wear their creation. This was a lot of fun! Easy to follow instructions with a variety of ways to be creative and sport your wears. The pins can be chained together to form a collection of DIY pins. The set comes with 12 pins to choose from that are very trendy—tape, peace sign, unicorn, panda and more. The set is a lesson in patience and fine motor skills for kids to create a finished product. This is a meaningful way for kids to create their own gifts for loved ones!


Elementary and up

Paint & Wear Enamel Pins by ALEX Brands

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