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Description: Cleaning pets’ ears is no longer a chore, thanks to Oxyfresh Ear Cleaner. It’s easy peasy with no rinsing required.


Our fast-acting Pet Ear Cleaner is loved by veterinarians and groomers alike. Unlike other brands, it’s fragrance and alcohol-free for those sensitive and delicate ears. 


Oxygene® works quickly to neutralize odor-causing bacteria while also gently cleaning deep into the ear canal to help remove wax buildup, ear mites, dirt, etc., helping to prevent infections and costly vet bills.


What makes it Hot Diggity great: What used to be a dreaded chore is now quick and easy. A quick squirt into the ear, massage, shake and wipe. So easy. We used to use cotton pads which pushed the wax further down the canal. Now we let Oxyfresh Ear Cleaner do the work!


Oxyfresh Ear Cleaner

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