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Join Mr Caterpillar on an adventure filled with action and movement that kids will want to play again and again!


What makes it Hot Diggity great:

So cute!! Love the space saving quality of sticking this to the wall. It also give kids an opportunity to practice other skills like reaching and grasping, balancing and coordination, etc. and gets them off the floor which is important for 2+ year olds.


This could be used to scaffold skills: First it is placed low on the wall and then it could be moved to different heights and different sides of the wall to help kids practice skills.


I love that there are lots of different things to add to the wall collection—again, another way to scaffold skills by adding on new toys/experiences to add on to skills already learned.


I appreciate that this is “gender neutral” and represents real life colors of the trees, birds, bunnies, etc.


Kids will get a kick out of the cause and effect relationship of sending the caterpillar down the slide and watching where he goes!


Ages: Preschool and up

Oribel VertiPlay Wall Toy – Tree Top Adventure

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