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Description: Introducing Orbeez Challenge – the first ever Orbeez playset. Orbeez Challenge includes 2,000 Orbeez, 6 unique tools and Orbeez storage for mess-free fun. Inspired by TikTok’s #OrbeezChallenge, kids can easily recreate similar effects they see online. Orbeez are the original soft and squishy, fun and wacky colorful water beads you can’t get enough of. Squishy and smooth, kids and adults alike will love the soothing sensory experience of Orbeez. You can even dry out your grown Orbeez back into their seed form, add more water and grow them all over again.


What makes it Hot Diggity great: There's nothing more satisfying than running your hands through fresh and cool Orbeez and with this playset, there are so many ways to do just that! Kids can emulate the TikTok Orbeez challenges or make up their own.


Ages: 5+

Orbeez Challenge

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