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Description: Octacog is a STEM construction toy and game that's all about the physics of balance. Design and build countless contraptions. Many will balance. Many will not. 
As a toy, Octacog is a modular construction set that allows users to insert balance rods into the angled holes of the Octacog core. Weights are then added to the balance rods at various locations to create endless balanced designs.


The added Octacog Expansion Pack allows for even more balance design potential. Octacog is a balance toy that allows users to EXPLORE balance, rather than simply witness it.

As a game, start with a beginning balanced setup from one of the included Design Inspiration Cards. Players take a turn by strategically adding a piece or moving a piece one notch closer to the Octacog core. If Octacog stays balanced, it's the next player's turn. If Octacog falls, the game is over.


What makes it Hot Diggity great:  This clever and fun game is like a physics experiment, teaching players cause and effect and how to best balance the Octacog, sometimes by trial and error. As we added to the build, we were surprised at what worked ... and what didn't! Lots of fun, especially for older kids.


Ages 7+


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