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Tap, swipe and experience a learning light show with My First Learning Tablet™. This kid-tough toddler tablet feels like mom and dad's with a home button and 20 app icons that introduce letters, numbers, shapes, animals, colors and more. Five icons on the bottom of the tablet include phone, clock, Scout button, camera and music player for role-play excitement. Tap the apps in Explore, Learn or Music modes for a variety of playful activities. Press the animal apps to learn fun animal facts, choose the 123 and ABC apps to explore numbers and letters, learn colors with the rainbow app and more! Every button lights up and activates a unique pattern of lights, colors and sounds. Touch and slide fingers over the screen and the little tablet will create special sounds and a multicolor light show. Learn and play with Scout and friends.


What makes it Hot Diggity Great:

My toddler "thinks" he has a tablet just like mom and dads ... except this tablet is sturdy and loaded with fun content appropriate for his age and developmental stage. The lights intrigue and the songs entertain. The three settings allow for extended play. My son LOVES the light show!


Ages: 12 months and up


My First Learning Tablet™ by LeapFrog

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