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Description: My First Castle Panic is a highly engaging cooperative game for preschoolers to play independently. Matching colors and shapes, players capture monsters and throw them in the dungeon to protect their castle. My First Castle Panic is an educational and fun way for kids to experience independent play. Preschoolers gain confidence with strategic thinking, planning ahead, and taking turns as they work together with friends. Parents love knowing their kids are well occupied and safe while having fun and are amazed at how well My First Castle Panic keeps their attention.


About Fireside Games:  Fireside Games creates thematic, engaging games that the whole family enjoys. They are most well known for Castle Panic, a cooperative tower defense game, which hit the market in 2009. Last year, they released My First Castle Panic for preschoolers to enjoy.


Why it's Hot Diggity Great: This is an easy concept for preschoolers to grasp and encourages helping one another. The game pieces are sturdy with delightful illustrations and the game lasts just the right amount of time for little ones' attention spans! I look forward to checking out the original version of this game once my kids get a little older! 


Ages 4+

My First Castle Panic

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