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Mr. Game! allows players the creativity to design and impact the game's rules right as they play it. There are included game modes and other pieces, like tiles, changing the way the game is played. Mr. Game! is a modern twist on the classic family "roll and move" party game. What begins as a simple skeleton for an American board game quickly becomes a unique experience that is never the same twice! With fast "gotcha" mechanics, modular components that inspire creative play, and the innovative "Mr. Game" role, Mr. Game! is sure to be an experience unlike anything you've played before.


What Makes it Hot Diggity Great:

A really fun party game that's combines strategy and competition! Rules are meant to be broken or "re-designed," adding an element of controlled chaos to the game. Moves at a fast pace and easy to learn.


Elementary and up

Mr. Game! by Golden Bell Studios

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